Apartements Artemarina

House rules

How to deal with the holiday apartment

These house rules give you an indication of how we prefer to see how you handle your holiday home and the inventory. We hope you agree with this. By adhering to this, you help us to offer the best possible service at the best price, also in the future.

* It is forbidden to smoke inside the apartment.

* The stay of more people in a holiday apartment than agreed on the reservation, or the maximum number applicable to that house, is expressly prohibited without our permission.

* Power consumption is included in the rental price. We therefore ask you to switch off the lighting when not necessary and also when you leave the apartment.

* You may (of course) use all things that are within the apartment complex. We ask you to handle the objects in and around the house with care.

* When using the barbecue, please leave it clean.

* No one willfully damage anything in the apartment, yet it can happen to anyone that something breaks. We would appreciate it if you report any damage to us quickly, so that we do not find out after your departure. The house is checked for defects and missing things before new guests arrive, because they too are entitled to a comfortable holiday.

* The interior furnishings may not be moved outside.

* The toilet is not a waste bin. Please do not flush baby wipes, cotton buds, feminine hygiene products, etc. down the toilet to avoid blockages.

At departure

* The bins in the house emptied, garbage in the relevant containers, the dishes done, the toilet “clean” the floors wipe clean and any litter cleaned up outside.

* The crockery, glassware, cutlery clean and dry where you found it. Empty the refrigerator.

* When you leave, also check for any chargers, books, toys, etc. that you own.

* On departure we request you to leave the apartment before 10:00.

We wish you a very nice stay in your holiday apartment Artemarina.


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